"I am blessed to have the very best students and clients in the world ! Here are a few of their comments. A heartfelt thank you to each of you. I am truly humbled by your remarks."   



"I am so grateful to have met Darlene and to have had the benefit of her guidance and wisdom over the last few years. It has been a transformative experience. In a sea of stressors and challenges and emotions, time after time she is able to help me see the true source of what is bothering me and the steps to take to address that challenge. This is a teacher who teaches by example as well as by guidance. Darlene is a person who is able to "see" more than most of us, and she lovingly shares her wisdom and intuition to help others."  D. L.

"Darlene has been my meditation teacher for 14 years. She is highly talented. She is also a pure pleasure just to talk with and experience her ability to tune into a person using her intuition and awareness of energy. Very profound things can come from what seems like a simple conversation.


She is one of the most intuitive and spiritually mature people I have ever met. Darlene assisted me with some needed healing work, and over time, helped me to facilitate a good deal of personal growth and spiritual awareness along with assisting me in developing my own intuition and ability to sense energy. Darlene has a way of working with people that connects with where they are at that moment in life and gently, but directly, assists them in bringing out the best in themselves while letting go of what no longer serves them.


I would recommend Darlene to anyone. Of many spiritual teachers and guides I have encountered over the years, I consider her to be among the very best. I still continue to be amazed at the effect her teaching and interaction has on other students, providing them with customized guidance and instruction in a simple and grounded fashion."  David 


"Darlene is absolutely brilliant, the most talented among the countless intuitives I've watched in action.  She has the well tested courage to reach for the most difficult insights, and extensive experience in conveying those insights for practical use.  I really can't say enough good things about her work.  She's one in a million." - K.M.


"There are few words adequate enough to express the level of gratitude and respect I carry for Darlene and her work. During a dark and tumultuous period in my life, Darlene succeeded where conventional therapy failed me. Her intuitive gifts allowed her to quickly see through my many defenses, helping me to find ways to dismantle those walls to allow room for change.  Her work uniquely addresses the spiritual, physical and mental components of self, integrating meditation, energy work, and perspective into her techniques. She addresses the whole person, which is necessary for long-term change.  Because of the work I have done with Darlene, I was able to cultivate the tools necessary to rebuild, forever changing my own perspective on life and my place in it . Her effectiveness and impact is beyond measure." -D.Anderson

"The thing I find to be singular about the guidance of Darlene is her skill and intuitive wisdom at helping students find their own spiritual path rather than encouraging them to follow hers. I believe that it is a function of her years of experience that allow her to not only find her own path, but also to offer real and practical tools to students seeking their own. Her life-long training and discipline have allowed her to cultivate skills at helping people overcome impediments to their development. But moreover, she is able to help people who are advanced in their own spiritual development to stretch themselves even further. If you are looking for an intuitive advisor who is a skilled diagnostician, a wise therapist, as well as a guide in the cultivation of your own spiritual growth and skill, well then look no further. Wait, I take that back--always look further. But regardless of the lens through which you understand consciousness--analytic, traditional religious, new age--this is someone who can help you grow."      Jerry


"Darlene does extremely well with Business Consulting. I have consulted with her for years in regards to reads on potential employees, business strategy, and getting a better read on clients with great results. I have found her to have a consistent ability to connect with how the energy is flowing in my business and provide good grounded guidance to best work and flow with it to bring out the best results. "


David W. 


Oxford, AL.

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