Is your house making you sick?

If you moved into a home or business and you or a family member began to experience any of these symptoms (to name a few), you may be suffering from Geopathic or Technopathic Stress. Left unaddressed, they can cause illness and hardship on your body, finances, and relationships.

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Unusual Fatigue

  • Deterioration in Relationship

  • Moodiness 

  • Deterioration in Finances

  • Inability to Focus

  • Deterioration in Health

  • Children Acting Out

  • Extreme Irritability, Especially in Infants

  • Things Going Bump in the Night (or Day)

  • Pets Acting Oddly or Fear of Going Outside

Geopathic: The Greek prefix geo signifies earth. Pathic: Pathos meaning disease or suffering.

Technopathic: Techno meaning technology. Pathic: Pathos meaning disease or suffering.

Everything is made of energy, but if you can't see energy with your normal vision, how do you know if where you are working or living is affected by detrimental energy? That's when you call me to assess your floor plan! 


I use a combination of modern and ancient Geomancy, 30 years experience of working with subtle energies and the non-physical, Feng Shui, and some good old common sense to assess the energies in your home or business. I isolate and identify the detrimental energy triggers providing you with a full length written Energy Report.  Most often I can heal or move all of the detrimental energies leaving your home or business clean and clear of harmful influences. It does not matter where you are located in the world, this work can be done remotely. Fill in the contact form and we can schedule an initial visit to start addressing your concerns.  


By the way, I have my own personal (and scary) story about how the energy in my beautiful little house was making me sick, so I can attest first hand to the potency of these very detrimental energies.

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