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"My deepest desire is to empower others."


I began meditating in 1988 and met my Spiritual Teacher a year later. Over the years, I have learned a great deal about self-discovery and esoteric practices. I enjoy using my experience to help others delve deeper and build stronger relationships with themselves and their source of faith.


I have been teaching Meditation classes for more than 25 years. My life's joy is to empower others and assist them in their spiritual awakening. One of the most effective ways I achieve this is by teaching a variety of Meditation classes as meditation can be used as a doorway to discovery and healing.


My many years of working with subtle energies in humans and nature has deepened my connection with Spirit, the natural world and my Higher Self. It has also enhanced my intuitive abilities. In addition, I have been gifted with an unusual ability to see into the subconscious and recognize negative patterns. Recognizing and re-programming these patterns is the key to healing and achieving success in all areas of life.   


My approach is spiritually based but is non-denominational. 


I am blessed in many ways, but especially blessed to be able to do work that helps others and allows me to be of service. I hope I can be of assistance to you. 



Please feel free to contact me for additional information on private sessions or upcoming classes.

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